Priming Cisco Access Points for Controller

New Cisco access points need to join a controller to function. If the controller is on a different subnet from the access point, you can “prime” the controller IP for it to join the first time. Connect with a serial cable and use the following commands:

  • enable
  • # default password
  • capwap ap controller ip address IP.OF.YOUR.CONTROLLER
  • # AP should join and download latest OS / Config from your controller
  • show capwap ip config

After the initial join and OS / Config downloads are complete, connect to your controller web interface to configure the AP name and basic settings:

  • Wireless – Click AP mac-address in list
    • General tab: AP Name, Location
    • High Availability tab: Primary Controller
    • “Apply” and “Save Configuration”

You can see associated clients and other stats on the “Monitor” pages of the controller. Good luck! 🙂

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