Active Directory Upgrades for Domain Controllers and Exchange

Upgrading Active Directory with a new Windows Server version, or Exchange to a new release requires special Schema updates and other changes to your domain services (such as LDAP). These changes require special command-line utilities run by users belonging to special AD groups like the “Schema Admins”, “Enterprise Admins”, etc. Some of these must run on specific domain controllers with FSMO master roles such as “Schema Master”, “Infrastructure Master”, etc. Review the documentation to make sure you’re running the right commands on the right machines.

  • Examples for Active Directory ugrades
    • adprep /forestprep
    • adprep /domainprep
    • adprep /rodcprep
    • Documented on TechNet: Running Adprep.exe (for Server 2008)
  • Examples for Exchange 2010 directory upgrades

These commands are critical steps when migrating to a new version of Exchange or AD. The first server running the new release will require these preparations before the new Exchange or AD install is successful.


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