Title Capitalization


alphabet (Photo credit: Jim Davies)

One thing that I find most difficult with the English language is title capitalization. Which words should or should not be capitalized in a title? The title capitalization rules include words that I don’t fully understand – perhaps because I’m not an English major.

To help authors like me, there is a title capitalization utility online at http://www.llbest.com/?P=75. Type your title into the upper box and use the “Title Case” button to get the recommended capitalization. Since I don’t fully understand the rules, I can’t tell you if the capitalization suggestions made by this tool are correct. Feel free to comment here if you have examples where it gives the wrong capitalization suggestion.

There are many good articles on this topic as well, one that may be helpful is over on the “Grammar Girl” site: http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/capitalizing-titles.aspx. There is a good discussion for English majors, and then a nice short-list recommended by the Associated Press (AP) for people like me who may never understand the finer points of title capitalization.

Happy writing!


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