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Stupid Acronyms – Quadro ODE (NVIDIA)

I’m not a big fan of acronyms, but they seem to be a necessary evil in the IT field. It would be fine if everyone knew what each acronym stood for, but too often these little meaningless groups of letters … Continue reading

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NO inspect esmtp

If your email server or email gateway is behind a Cisco ASA firewall, double-check those default inspection rules. TURN OFF ESMTP Inspection to guarantee that the firewall is not messing up your mail flow. I have seen this problem over … Continue reading

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Infinite Scrolling is Bad Design

This issue was affecting my blog here on I now have infinite scrolling turned off for the front page (Reading Settings – To infinity and beyond – UNcheck “Scroll Infinitely”). Thanks to the WordPress dev team for including this … Continue reading

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Boot From USB

More systems these days are coming without optical drives (no CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray). Without the ability to boot from physical install media, how do we install an OS or boot into low-level system maintenance tools? This question is asked … Continue reading

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