Spiceworks Ticket Email Commands

The Spiceworks Help Desk ticket system has built-in email commands for help desk technicians. This feature is labeled “Tickets Anywhere.” The commands are listed at Spiceworks Help and Support: Tickets Anywhere – search the page text for “What Commands Can I Use?”. Some of my favorites are:

  • #accept
  • #assign to Technician-Email@Domain.com
  • #created by Requester-Email@Domain.com
  • #close

Just a few convenience commands that can make working with help desk tickets a little easier. Here’s a favorite combination to create a ticket from email sent directly to you by user. It will set the appropriate ticket creator and assign it automatically to you.

FORWARD email to your spiceworks request address.
CHANGE subject to your desired ticket description.
USE the below “tickets anywhere” commands.
SUBSTITUTE your requester’s email address for “created by”.
#created by Requester-Email@Domain.com

In addition to using email, you might want to look-up a ticket in the web interface by ticket number. The search feature can be really slow if you have a ton of tickets in your database. Try the following URL examples to go straight to a ticket by number. Replace HTTPS://YOUR.SPICEWORKS.HOSTNAME/ with your Spiceworks Base URL, and 12345 with a real ticket number.

  • HTTPS://YOUR.SPICEWORKS.HOSTNAME/tickets/list/single_ticket/12345
  • HTTPS://YOUR.SPICEWORKS.HOSTNAME/tickets/v2#single_ticket/12345

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3 Responses to Spiceworks Ticket Email Commands

  1. Bart says:

    Can I add the Ticket-ID also? So it will linked to the correct ticket?

    • notesbytom says:

      Hello Bart, Spiceworks should be sending you an email with updates on every ticket assigned or copied to you. When you reply to these emails, the ticket number is automatically associated based on the email subject line.

      The default Spiceworks email subject line for ticket number association begins with “[Ticket #12345]” (Use a real ticket number instead of 12345). If you prefix your email subject line with “[Ticket #54321]” (substitute real ticket #) then Spiceworks will associate your response with the subject ticket number if it exists.

      • Bart says:

        This works with a new, reply or forward. But not when I edit the subject of an existing mail and drag/drop or copy it into the SW-inbox.
        Often we received remarks or answers into our own mailbox outside SW, so I try to keep the email and edit only the subject with the correct Ticket-ID + subject. Drag the mail into the SW-inbox, So everybody associated with the ticket receive this remark and see clearly who has sent this. But SW create a new ticket and nobody see this remark.

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