PowerShell Force Version 2.0 for Exchange 2010

Some Exchange 2010 PowerShell tools require PowerShell 2.0 (and fail for version 3.0). You may be getting a System.NotSupportedException or System.TypeInitializationException to indicate this may be the issue.

Once PowerShell 3.0 is installed on your system, 2.0 will still be there in the background but requires special steps to use. When you use the GUI to launch PowerShell, it will keep defaulting to 3.0 – breaking some of your Exchange PS tools.

To launch PowerShell 2.0 after 3.0 has been installed, use steps similar to the following:

# Run the standard Command Prompt (cmd.exe) *** as Administrator ***
# Run PowerShell at the prompt with the version option as follows:
powershell -version 2.0
# Check the running powershell version with the following
# Major, Minor should be 2, 0 for PowerShell version 2.0

Hopefully this will help someone who is stuck trying to run some old PowerShell tools or snap-ins that require the older release of PS 2.0.


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