Recent IPv6 Features for Cisco IOS

As more companies begin planning for an upcoming IPv6 transition, it is helpful to review the status of software IPv6 support from your network vendor. Here I will attempt to list a few recent updates in Cisco IOS that may be of interest.

  • IOS 15.2(1)T – IPv6 Transport for DMVPN (Dynamic Multi-Point VPN)
  • IOS 15.2(1)T – RADIUS over IPv6
  • IOS 15.2(1)T – TACACS over IPv6
  • IOS xx.x – There are too many to list, view the IPv6 Feature Mapping document below
  • IOS 12.3(7)T – IPv6 Policy-Based Routing
  • IOS 12.2(2)T – IPv6 Basic Connectivity – beginning of IPv6 support

A fairly detailed list of IOS IPv6 support by release version is available on the Cisco IOS IPv6 Feature Mapping page. For more specifics, view the IOS 15.2M&T Release notes published on July 22, 2011 (, New Features Section).

Release dates and history can be hard to determine with Cisco IOS. Based on the Cisco IOS Software Product Lifecycle Dates & Milestones, I would estimate that Cisco IOS 12.2(2)T was available for download sometime in 2001? That is approximately four years before the end of softare maintenance on all 12.2T releases. Based on this guess, Cisco IOS IPv6 support became available around the same time that Microsoft released Windows XP (~2002). Over time, more features have been updated to support IPv6 and in 2013 almost every IOS feature supports native IPv6 functionality.


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