Recent IPv6 Updates for Cisco ASA

Cisco is constantly updating the software for their ASA firewall product line. Recent features in 9.x provide more full-featured support for native IPv6 features. Here are some brief highlights:

  • Cisco ASA 9.x – AnyConnect VPN Client over SSL (IPv6 client ip assingment, IPv6 split tunneling, etc)
  • Cisco ASA 9.x – NAT support for IPv6
  • Cisco ASA 9.x – DHCPv6 relay support
  • Cisco ASA 9.x – Unified Access Lists (contain both IPv4 and IPv6 rules in same list)
  • Cisco ASA 9.x – Mixed Object Groups (contain both IPv4 and IPv6 items, not allowed for NAT)
  • Cisco ASA 9.x – OSPFv3 for IPv6 dynamic routing

History and Release Dates: Basic IPv6 features were added in ASA software 7.x released in 2005. The 9.x software series were first released in late 2012 and early 2013.

A detailed list is available on the official Cisco ASA New Features by Release page.


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