RDP Remote Desktop Secrets

Here are some of my favorite Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) features. They are not often listed or demonstrated, so I’ll write them down to share:

  • mstsc /v:SERVER-NAME
    • Command-line way to connect to your server with RDP (MicroSoft Terminal Services Client – View – Your-Server-Name)
    • The official way to use CTRL+ALT+DEL on the *Remote* system

Here is some background info on Microsoft RDP that may be helpful:

  • The Remote Desktop Services are also known as Microsoft Terminal Services.
  • Microsoft Windows Professional / Business PC installations permit a maximum of one remote connection.
  • The “Home” Windows versions do not allow any remote sessions – they have the RDP client only.
  • Windows Server systems allow a maximum of two remote sessions with a default install
  • For more than two sessions on a server, you must obtain Microsoft Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services licenses for each seat and configure the server with the Remote Desktop / Terminal Services Role.
  • The licensed Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Services (TS/RDS) role is special – normal software installs usually result in broken software. You MUST use the special “Terminal Services Install Mode” to install software on a licensed TS/RDS server. The default unlicensed single session for PC’s and dual sessions for Servers do not have this problem – it’s a special issue for licensed TS/RDS only. See my previous article by searching here for “terminal server install mode”.

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