Cisco WAP4410N Setup


wifi (Photo credit: miniyo73)

This is a brief note for initial setup of a Cisco Small Business Wireless Access Point (WAP) model WAP4410N.

  • Default WAP IP and Mask: mask (/24)
    • NOTE: If the WAP sees a DHCP server, it will get a DYNAMIC IP by default! This was not clear from the documentation. Check your DHCP server lease table for the assigned IP.
  • Default Username: admin (see vendor documentation for pw & CHANGE IT)
  • Get firmware update from and upgrade device to latest after reviewing release notes
  • Configuration backup files *.cfg are text, view with Notepad++ or similar text editor

The WAP4410N is a basic 2.4GHz 802.11n access point (AP) with web management and POE power support. Get a POE switch or use a POE injector if you want to mount the AP away from an electric outlet. A small “wall wart” style power adapter is provided if you want to put it on a desktop near an outlet.

For larger installations, I recommend a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) with controller-based Lightweight Access Points (LAP’s). A WLC provides central wireless configuration management and a single point for wireless software updates.


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2 Responses to Cisco WAP4410N Setup

  1. Joel Hannah says:


    Thanks for the comments. I have 8 WAP4410N APs installed in a building and have been connecting them through a POE switch directly to a router from my cable provider. The cable router provides DHCP. The problem is that the cable router only provides 256 IP addresses and that is not enough now to cover all of the devices my clients are using.. Can I add a Cisco WLC controller to my network to manage the WAP4410Ns? You mentioned that LAPs are the preferred way to go but if the 4410Ns are already installed can I still use them with the WLC?


    • notesbytom says:

      Joel, the WAP4410N is not supported with Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers. You would need to get supported Lightweight Access Points. I have a post on some recommended LAP’s at they are quite a bit more expensive, but if you have eight WAP’s, you really should be using a controller. I believe the recommended user capacity per WAP4410N is 30 users or less. The lightweight access points and wireless lan controllers are designed to handle the type of load and number of users you’re talking about. You will likely need a nice managed switch to go along with this design and you may need separate vlans with inter-vlan routing (one subnet per vlan). It’s a big leap to go from cable modem /24 subnet with simple access points to WLC, LAP’s, & multiple vlan’s, but that may be the type of solution you’re looking for.

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