Network Bug on HP Proliant with Symantec Endpoint Protection

Software Bugs

Software Bug (Photo credit: FastJack)

Some combination of an HP Proliant Server, HP integrated ethernet ports, HP network drivers & firmware updates, and Symantec Endpoint Protection can cause a nasty bug for your Windows system network performance. This is somehow related to obscure advanced network features including one or all of: TCP Chimney Offload, Receive Side Scaling (RSS), and Network Direct Memory Access (NetworkDMA).

The basic symptoms can include significantly reduced network performance such as slow file transfers, packet errors, slow remote desktop sessions or failing remote sessions, etc. Here are some articles that may help resolve the issue. Disabling Chimney, RSS, and NetworkDMA followed by a reboot worked for me.

Many thanks to Cengiz Kuskaya, Symantec, and Microsoft for sharing these solutions. Hopefully future firmware, driver, hardware, and software updates from these vendors will include more safe defaults to prevent this type of problem with common system configurations. Until the defaults are safe for this deadly combination, you will need to keep this solution in your IT tool-bag. Cheers! 🙂

7 Dec 2013 update – fix link.

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