SharePoint User Profile Service

SharePoint (2010, 2013, and others?) includes a User Profile Service to store, provide, and synchronize user information. Synchronization is available to pull details for Active Directory (AD) users into the SharePoint (SP) user profile database(s). I’m not sure if there are differences of User Profile feature availability between the Foundation (free) and full paid versions of SharePoint – that would be a question for the experts.

For more information on how the SharePoint User Profile Service can synchronize with Active Directory, please review the information on the following blog article: SharePoint 2010/2013 user profile synchronization ( I’m posting this because we’re having issues with our SharePoint user profile data becoming outdated (out of sync with Active Directory). A typical example is – user has a legal name change, AD record is updated with the new name, but parts of SharePoint still show the old name. Review of some records in the User Profile database for the site show that the new information has not been received from AD (old name still showing in SharePoint).

Solutions for this problem – troubleshoot your SP User Profile Service synchronization settings and verify that the service is running properly / pulling data from AD when changes occur.


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