Cygwin Default Terminal mintty

Logo of Cygwin

Cygwin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a Linux user on Windows, I often want my familiar Linux shell environment and programs to solve everyday problems or work some quick command-line magic. One thing that always bugged me about Cygwin and the Windows command-line was the default command-prompt window. The old “cmd.exe” window was not built with familiar Linux/Unix dynamic resize capabilities. There were some workarounds to allow the window size to change, but they were insufficient for me – I wanted something more like the standard “gnome-terminal” or xterm.

After some time away from Cygwin, I was excited to install the latest version and find that the default terminal has been replaced with the powerful and friendly “mintty” terminal window program. It is dynamically resizeable and comes standard with more familiar Linux-like fonts (if there is such a thing ;-)).

This post is just a note to say that I’m delighted with the new Cygwin default terminal window and love to see one of my favorite open source Windows toolkit bundles being actively developed and improved. Major kudos to the Cygwin and mintty teams! This is something I dreamed of but thought would never happen – another win for the open source ecosystem!!

Some of my favorite Cygwin programs include: file, vim, gcc, u2d, d2u, …


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