Diff for Windows – WinMerge

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WinMerge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the most prolific operating system in business, Microsoft Windows is in need of a good file comparison tool. The standard “fc” file compare command-line utility is included with each Windows system. A GUI file-comparison tool called “windiff” is included with certain versions of Microsoft’s Windows Support Tools. Other third-party utilities more like Unix/Linux “diff” can be found with a quick web search on “diff for windows.”

One of the best diff utilities for Windows (in my opinion) is the popular open-source GUI file comparison tool – WinMerge. You can download WinMerge and review the documentation on the official project site, winmerge.org. There are quite a few other open source diff solutions available for Windows, but I’ll leave that research and testing up to you, my blog reader.


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