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Heirloom mailx for Quick Command-Line Email

If you manage Linux systems, you may need a quick way to send email from the command line. My recommended solution for simple scripted email is the Heirloom mailx utility. There are several reasons I like this tool. My favorite … Continue reading

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Red Hat and CentOS in Synergy

It is a beautiful thing when organizations can promote each-other resulting in a greater combined product and maximum benefit for the customer. The synergy between Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and CentOS is an excellent example of rare cooperation and … Continue reading

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Search Active Directory Groups with Wildcard

Binoculars (Photo credit: Wikipedia). If you have tried searching for an Active Directory Group using characters in the middle of the name, you may have found that the GUI ADUC (AD Users and Computers) tool does not support this kind … Continue reading

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Mount Windows Share with Non-root User

Linux systems with low security requirements and single users have simple solutions for mounting and using Windows File Shares. The most common solutions require root (or sudo root) fully privileged access. If you are in an environment with shared Linux … Continue reading

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