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Cisco ASA Default SSL Broken

Just a note that out of the box, recent Cisco ASA hardware with new ASA software releases ships with broken SSL. This prevents the ASDM GUI (Advanced Security Device Manager) from functioning. To correct the problem, you must force the … Continue reading

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Command Line Email in Cygwin

Cygwin provides a Linux-like environment on Windows, but unfortunately the heirloom mailx (aka nail) email utility is not included as a supported package. I previously recommended mailx for quick command-line email in Linux. For Cygwin users, a similar utility is … Continue reading

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Python String Formatting New and Old Style

Python programmers are presented with a couple different options to format output strings. There is an older Python 2.x style, and a newer Python 3.x style. For backwards compatibility, Python 3.x supports the older formatting style. Official documentation is available … Continue reading

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World-Class Package Selection in CentOS and RHEL

If you use Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or CentOS, you may have noticed that even the latest 6.x distributions lack many common packages found in more progressive systems like Fedora or Ubuntu. Thankfully there is an easy fix provided … Continue reading

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Python Days and Weeks between Two Dates

During the normal course of business or life, you will often need to know the number of days or weeks between two dates. This is a simple thing to do within the same month, but for dates in different months … Continue reading

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SQL Script Output

If you use SQL scripts with Microsoft SQL Server, you may want to clean up the output to make your script log messages more readable. Here are some recommendations to beautify the output: SET NOCOUNT ON — suppress output of … Continue reading

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