Python Days and Weeks between Two Dates

During the normal course of business or life, you will often need to know the number of days or weeks between two dates. This is a simple thing to do within the same month, but for dates in different months or even different years this can be a tricky little task. Thankfully Python comes with “batteries included” to meet your date-computational needs. Here are some examples:

# NOTE: example using Python 3.x
import datetime
# Prior date example of "11 July 2013"
old_date =,7,11)
# New date example of "today"
new_date =
date_delta = new_date - old_date
# date_delta is a "datetime.timedelta" object
# "date_delta.days" gives an integer number of days
print("Days Between = %s" % date_delta.days)
print("Weeks Between = %s" % (date_delta.days/7.0))
# related example, add 30 days to date
print("30 days from %s is %s" % \
  ( new_date, new_date+datetime.timedelta(days=30) ))

Here are some related discussions for more:


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