Python String Formatting New and Old Style

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Python programmers are presented with a couple different options to format output strings. There is an older Python 2.x style, and a newer Python 3.x style. For backwards compatibility, Python 3.x supports the older formatting style. Official documentation is available for both styles:

You can find extensive examples online for virtually any string formatting scenario. Here is one example for simple fixed point formatting of a floating point number (two decimal places).

# NOTE: Examples using python 3.x print() function
print("Floating Point Formatting %.2f modulo operator" % 3.14159)
print("Floating Point Formatting {0:.2f} format method".format(3.14159))

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One Response to Python String Formatting New and Old Style

  1. zoosuck says:

    I think the older one is better, because it is C style.But the new is ok,too 3.x style.BTW the 3.x is not as Popular as 2.x. LOL.

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