VMware Copy and Paste Blocked by Default

You’re using the vmware console to access a virtual machine, and you cannot copy or past text to or from the vm. This can be so frustrating! You update the vmware tools to see if that solves the problem, but you are still unable to perform this basic operation through the virtual console. Guess what? Since VMware ESXi 4.1+ you can no longer copy and paste to or from your vm’s by default. This is a security decision that the VMware development team has made for you. Fortunately there is an easy fix if you want copy & paste back. Here are some related articles with the solution and rationale:

It seems that VMware is recommending you connect directly to your virtual machine over the network for standard client access (ssh, vnc, rdp, etc). This would give you the client experience you expect without changing security settings on your vmware back-end infrastructure.


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