Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

Some notes for the Oracle (Sun) ZFS Storage Appliance. Won’t be very useful to someone without a ZFS appliance.

  • shell
  • zpool list
  • zpool status
  • zpool get all
  • fmadm faulty # view hardware fault list (fault management administration)
  • Configuration – Storage
  • Maintenance – Hardware
  • Maintenance – Problems
  • Maintenance – Logs

If the pool “autoreplace” option is set, it will be visible with “zpool get all”. Autoreplace will format and use a new disk when inserted where the failed one was. Bring a device offline before attempting to replace it – there is an offline button for each disk in the BUI (Browser User Interface or web GUI). Here are some useful articles for failed disk replacement, most of this should be automatic with the appliance – using “offline” for failed disk can improve safety before removing failed drive.


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