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I noticed recently that (WP) is automatically including links to Related Posts on my blog articles. Currently it appears that the related content is all within my own blog – I would be concerned if these automatic “related” links pointed to outside sources … I would like to curate all links to outside articles. I do realize that there are ads displayed to reimburse Automattic for hosting the blog – hopefully those are easy to distinguish as advertisements since they are not part of my content.

This is a note for me to remember where the settings are for these automatic “related posts”. Under Settings – Reading, find the “Related Posts” section which provides the following options:

  • Link to related content after posts
  • Show a “Related” header

I like the idea of these related links as long as they prove useful to the reader. Hopefully the linked articles will truly be “related” and according to WP, only to articles within the same blog. I’ll be keeping an eye on this feature – looks promising so far. See the following articles for more details.


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Keeping technology notes on to free up my mind to solve new problems rather than figuring out the same ones repeatedly :-).
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