Windows netstat to View Listening Server Processes

Here’s the problem: you’re a Windows system administrator and you want to know what process is listening for connections on a specific port. My first recommendation is to use the built-in netstat command-line tool to view a listing of all listening processes and ports. Here’s an example to get you started.

REM Open an *Administrative* command-prompt to view all processes
REM View all netstat options with a command like the following
REM netstat /?
netstat -abnt >%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\netstat.txt
REM open the file "netstat.txt" from your Desktop
REM search within the file for ":####" like :8443 for port 8443
REM search for "listen" to see ports accepting connections

For detail on multiple services running within the same process, check out the Sysinternals tool “Process Explorer.” For a graphical tool to view netstat-like network process information, try the Sysinternals tool “TCPView.” The Sysinternals tools provide great insight into system activity, but I recommend that you become familiar with netstat for basic troubleshooting with Windows built-in tools.

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