Remove Printer Drivers in Windows 7

Printer (Credit: GNOME icon artists)

Printer (Credit: GNOME icon artists)

If you’re attempting to remove printer drivers in windows 7, you may receive an error like: “Failed to remove driver *. The specified printer driver is currently in use.”

In this case, there is a trick with precisely timing the driver removal with a restart of the spooler service that solves the problem in most cases. I cannot take credit for this creative workaround, all praise should go to the tech authors of Sysadmin Tips for their article: Can’t remove printer drivers in Windows 7 – The Specified Printer Driver is Currently in Use (

Being able to fully remove printer drivers is a key part of troubleshooting the Windows printing system and associated network printer shares.

The printer driver may be “in use” if there are any documents remaining in the Windows print spool. See the following documents for details on how to clear the Windows print spool manually.


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