Microsoft End of Support for Server and SQL Versions

One of the most important responsibilities for IT support teams is to keep track of the vendor support “lifecycle” for production hardware and software. All critical business systems must be maintained with “supported” hardware and software. Each vendor is responsible for announcing end of support dates for their products. After the end of support date (or before), the IT team must replace the impacted hardware or software with a currently supported version to maintain ongoing support of the system with the vendor.

For businesses depending on Microsoft software, the infrastructure depends heavily on Windows Server and SQL Server. See the following links for details on end of support for these critical business software products. Note that the important date for end of security updates is “Extended Support End Date. The dates are formatted with a strange Day/Month/Year pattern.

I leave it as an exercise for you, my reader, to find the end of support date for some of your critical infrastructure hardware and software products.


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