SQL Server System Rename

On the surface, a SQL Server system rename may appear simple. You rename the underlying Windows box and SQL will automatically use the new name.

While that is true for many features in SQL server, there are quite a few items that need help migrating to a new server name. Fortunately many dependencies can be resolved by following instructions provided by Microsoft to update the @@SERVERNAME.

Note that Maintenance Plans are one of the most difficult items to fix. The default “local server” connections will still be hard-coded to point to the old server name. A script is provided in the user comments section of the above Microsoft article to fix these hard-coded “local server” connections. Please make sure that you use the script posted to the article for *your version of SQL Server*. These maintenance plan packages are in different system database locations depending on your SQL Server release.

Good luck with your SQL Server rename troubleshooting! You may also find the following Stack Exchange posts useful.

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