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Lookup ACH Routing Numbers

UPDATE May 2015, the old links were no longer active. The new FRB Services site is at and the associated links below have been updated. Thanks for reading! Electronic File Transfers (EFT) in the USA require ACH (Automated Clearing … Continue reading

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RHEL 7 Minimal Needs net-tools

Update Nov 17, 2016 – some alternatives to the old Linux networking commands are preferred in modern Linux systems (Ubuntu 16.04, RHEL 7.x, CentOS 7.x). ip address show # will show secondary ip addresses in addition to primary for each … Continue reading

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Cisco ASA ARP Behavior

The Cisco ASA can exhibit some non-standard ARP behavior depending on the OS version and system configuration. Here are some notes to remember this by. arp permit-nonconnected – command introduced in ASA 8.4(5) and defaults to off. ASA releases through … Continue reading

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Clear Bash Command History File

For security reasons, you may want to clear out your bash command-line history file periodically. Use the following commands to delete / truncate your bash command history record. The following articles were used for inspiration and reference: Learn Bash: Remove … Continue reading

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Change Expired Password in RD Web Access

Remote Desktop Services (formerly known as Terminal Services) can be access through a RD Web Access portal which traditionally did not present a descriptive error message or allow a user to change an expired password. The same issue is also … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Python Connection to SQL Server

Python users on Ubuntu systems may have trouble connecting to Microsoft SQL Server on recent releases including 12.04 LTS. The popular pymssql python library for SQL Server connections contains a nasty bug in the distributed package that runs queries with … Continue reading

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