Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) Properties for Exchange Search-Mailbox

I had some trouble finding a list of AQS (Advanced Query Syntax) properties supported by the Exchange Search-Mailbox -SearchQuery parameter. I did find a link mentioned in a comment by Tony Redmond on his article “Using Search-Mailbox to look for items with a specific date” (

  • Advanced Query Syntax (
    • See the “Communications” section for Email-specific properties
    • See the “Everything” section for some additional properties that may be useful for Email

Here are some highlights:

  • from or organizer
  • received or sent
  • subject or title
  • hasattachments, hasattachment
  • attachments or attachment (search for specific file names)
  • to or toname (AQL “Everything” property)
  • size (AQL “Everything” property)

I know I will need this again so here it is :-).


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