Service Management with PowerShell

PowerShell is great for automating administrative tasks. Common tasks may include managing services (stop, start, restart, etc). Here is some sample code to demonstrate some of the PowerShell service management capabilities. The first example is to stop a service, perform a task while the service is stopped, then start the service back up.

$svc = Get-Service "ServiceName"
# Send Stop Request to Service
# Wait Until Service is fully Stopped

# Do something while service is stopped

# Finish by Starting the Service

Here’s an example for a simple service restart.

Restart-Service "ServiceName"

From Windows Task Scheduler, you can schedule a simple service restart with a command like this.

Powershell "& { Restart-Service 'ServiceName' }"

The WaitForStatus example was inspired by the article “Waiting for Service State.” Note the use of optional timeout parameter in the linked article.

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