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Excel Shortcuts

Here are some random Excel keyboard shortcuts I was looking for recently: SHIFT + SPACE (select current row) CTRL + SPACE (select current column) CTRL + “-” (delete selected rows or columns)

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ARP Timeout in Cisco IOS

If you’re managing Cisco IOS routers, you might want to adjust the settings for ARP cache timeout. The default value is 4 hours which can be a long time to wait if you are changing out hardware and using the … Continue reading

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Apache Tomcat in RHEL 7

Here are some notes for using the built-in Apache Tomcat package in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7. For an overview of installing and turning on Tomcat, see my previous post RHEL 7 Administration Notes. In brief, use yum to … Continue reading

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Public SharePoint Using Intranet Zone

Private SharePoint sites accessed via a short name like http://mysharepoint/ are automatically placed in the “Intranet” security zone by Internet Explorer. This allows Automatic Single Sign-On (SSO) with Windows Integrated Authentication for Domain Users on Domain Computers. If your SharePoint … Continue reading

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Cisco Integrated Service Router QOS with Switch Module

The Cisco Integrated Service Router (ISR) product line has the option to include switch ports using either a fixed-port configuration on low-end models, or switch modules on higher-end ISR routers. The newer second generation (G2) routers support gigabit switch ports. … Continue reading

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Intel PROSet Wireless Compatibility with Cisco VPN

I’ve noticed a frequent compatibility problem with the classic Cisco VPN client (IPSec IKEv1) in combination with certain Windows network drivers. In particular, the Intel PROSet software wreaks havoc with the Cisco VPN Client name lookup capabilities (DNS over Tunnel). … Continue reading

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