Apache Tomcat in RHEL 7

Here are some notes for using the built-in Apache Tomcat package in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7. For an overview of installing and turning on Tomcat, see my previous post RHEL 7 Administration Notes. In brief, use yum to install the tomcat package and systemctl to control the tomcat service. The previous post also gives a short example for using the mod_proxy_ajp for optimized reverse proxy behind the Apache HTTPD Web Server (provides front-end performance, load balancing support, and easier SSL configuration). Optionally use firewall-cmd if you want end-users to connect directly to Tomcat.

One of the most important Distribution-Specific things to know for a package like Tomcat is the default location of user configurable folders and files. Here are some key file and folder locations for the Tomcat package distributed with RHEL 7.

  • /var/lib/tomcat/webapps # deploy your web apps here
  • /etc/tomcat/* # Tomcat server configuration files here (server.xml, etc)
  • /var/log/tomcat/* # Tomcat log files are stored here and auto-rotated by RHEL 7
  • /etc/tomcat/tomcat.conf # JAVA_OPTS like -D* and -X* are set here for RHEL 7
  • For Tomcat RAM adjustment
    • add CATALINA_OPTS with -Xmx in /etc/tomcat/tomcat.conf
    • see default -Xmx with command: java -XshowSettings # listed as Max. Heap Size

If you want to use the Tomcat Manager (Admin Web App), you can install that as a separate package.

  • yum install tomcat-admin-webapps
  • Edit /etc/tomcat/tomcat-users.xml
    • Un-comment admin/manager roles and add a new user with both roles.
  • systemctl restart tomcat # Restart service to activate manager web app
  • Connect to your Tomcat with a server-relative URL of /manager/ to use the Admin Web App. Examples: https://SRV.DOM.COM:8443/manager/ -or- http://SRV.DOM.COM:8080/manager/

Good luck with your RHEL 7 Tomcat projects! Hopefully using the provided packages will help make your web app deployment easier and add some extra security by providing Tomcat patches direct from Red Hat.


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3 Responses to Apache Tomcat in RHEL 7

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  2. hema says:

    Do I need to set http service to use tomcat7 that I installed on rhel7 server.?

    • notesbytom says:

      Hello @hema, you can optionally use Apache httpd as a reverse proxy for Tomcat (AJP or HTTP ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse). This is sometimes referred to as a “load balancer” if you have one httpd directing web-app traffic to multiple tomcat instances. You can also have clients connect directly to Tomcat if desired – skipping any httpd and using the servlet container directly for client requests.

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