EMV Cards in the US Revisited

I previously posted December 2013 about EMV Chip Cards in the USA. Today I want to provide an update for April 2015. Now that many US banks are issuing chip cards, it is now time for US merchants to begin accepting chip card transactions for payment.

There are many good lists of US EMV card issuers including these: list 1, list 2, list 3, and list 4. I had more trouble finding a list of US stores where I can make a purchase by inserting an EMV “Chip Card”.

I’m hoping there will be more major US stores accepting EMV cards soon with the USA Credit Card Fraud Liability Shift coming later this year (October 2015). I understand that there is wider US acceptance of “contactless” payment including Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and wireless Smartcards. While these wireless payment methods are intriguing, I’m looking for US stores where I can use a physical “contact” EMV chip card.

I found a few resources that may be helpful to find US EMV merchants. In the Washington DC Region it appears that the only national chains EMV-enabled are Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Home Depot. I do see a coffee shop and restaurant listed in Adams Morgan (small businesses).

UPDATE May 2015, add Home Depot as another EMV-accepting US national chain.


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