Dell OMSA 8.1 on RHEL 7

UPDATE 23 Feb 2016, the issue with OMSA 7.1/RHEL 7.1 appears to have been resolved with RHEL 7.2 and OMSA 8.2. Make sure to reboot after the latest updates have been installed and the OMSA storage management functionality should be working.

Dell is now providing decent Linux software repositories for installing and updating compatible system utilities, drivers, and firmware. You may be interesting in using both the Dell System Update (DSU) firmware update tool, and the OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) tool. OMSA can be used to view system components / hardware status / alerts, manage raid configuration, etc. You can use the following Dell repositories to install OMSA and DSU on your supported Linux system:

The 8.1 OMSA release has a BUG that prevents OMSA from viewing and managing your RAID Storage Controllers on RHEL 7.1. See update listed above, recent versions of RHEL 7.x and OMSA 8.x resolve the issue. See the following workaround posted to the Dell linux-poweredge support mailing list:

I can confirm that the above workaround fixes the issue on Dell PowerEdge R415 with PERC H700 controller on RHEL 7.1 with OMSA 8.1. Instead of this workaround, I recommend that you upgrade to RHEL 7.2+ / OMSA 8.2+ to use commands like omreport storage controller.

Install Command-Line OMSA 8.x on RHEL 7.x

Some hints to install a minimal set of command-line raid and server management tools on your Dell PowerEdge server.

  • yum install srvadmin-storage-cli srvadmin-server-cli
  • shutdown -r now
    • REBOOT the server for the OMSA (srvadmin) services to start and search paths to be updated

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