Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Linux

This is specific to OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA / srvadmin) on RHEL 7.x, but will likely apply to other similar Dell supported Linux systems (CentOS 7.x, etc).

# Get Dell PowerEdge Server Logs (Hardware Log Messages)
MYDATE=$(date +%Y-%m-%d_%H%M%S)
omreport system esmlog | tee ~/${MYDATE}_esmlog.txt
# Clear Server Hardware Log, Embedded System Management (ESM)
omconfig system esmlog action=clear
# Show the Service Tag, Express Service Code, and chassis details
omreport chassis info
# Get the installed OMSA Version
omreport about
# For Contextual Help, use the -? switch

Note that the om* commands are provided with OMSA. The Embedded System Management (ESM) is another name for the Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC) – sometimes listed as iDRAC for “integrated” ESM module. Search this blog for “OMSA” to read earlier related posts. Thanks for reading!


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