WP.com Markdown Broken in New Editor

Blogs hosted on WordPress.com benefit from some amazing support by the Automatticians keeping things running well behind the scenes. Many of us writers love to use these web publishing tools every day to communicate with our readers. Unfortunately some of the hard work and feature improvements result in difficult changes for some of us bloggers. I have been struggling with the “New High-Speed Editor” that replaces all my markdown with html tags and shortcodes if I ever accidentally use the new default “enhanced” editor. I LOVE markdown for the clean way that links and formatting are represented in the raw blog text, and I am very unhappy with the lack of full Markdown support in this New Editor – please Automattic, add the ability to save blog posts WHILE PRESERVING MARKDOWN with the stored text of post.

Here’s a short history of Markdown support with Automattic’s WordPress.com platform (from my perspective).

About notesbytom

Keeping technology notes on WordPress.com to free up my mind to solve new problems rather than figuring out the same ones repeatedly :-).
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2 Responses to WP.com Markdown Broken in New Editor

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  2. vzeman79 says:

    I have only started using WP two days ago but I have quickly noticed this as well. I hope they do not drop Markdown support. It would be pretty much a game over for me, unless I can use, say, HTML as produced by Pandoc from Markdown.

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