Sentinel RMS License Server

Sentinel RMS is a license server system used by some very expensive software products including SOCET GXP from BAE Systems. Here are some hints for using Sentinel RMS to host licenses from a Windows server.

  • If Jumbo Packets are enabled on the server, the client MUST ALSO enable Jumbo packets. It may be best to keep jumbo packets disabled on all your systems (default for almost every NIC). If you must use jumbo packets on your network, make sure that the client jumbo frame size matches that of the license server. This problem is caused because Sentinel RMS will use large UDP packets if the network cards allow, and UDP is not connection-oriented so the client and server never negotiate a maximum frame size.
  • If the Windows Firewall is on (recommended), you will need to open the default Sentinel RMS port, UDP 5093, on the license server so the clients can connect.
  • More hints for success are posted in the Sentinel RMS License Manager Installation Document.

You may also need to tell your client program which license server to use when running the software. In the case of Socet GXP 4.1.0, the system-wide license server selection is defined by default in system preference file (GXP Install Location) .\Config\Preferences\sgxp\common_en_US_4_1_0.pref under the preferredServer element. This is normally configured from the GXP GUI under View – Preferences – Config Preferences – Launch App – License Server – Server Name. To see which license server GXP is using go to Help – License Codes In Use and a dialog should show * from ServerName (where “ServerName” is the license server currently in use).


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