Perl CPAN Modules Offline Windows Install

UPDATE 16 Mar 2018, see comment by @Wes-Peacock. Strawberry Perl as of version has replaced dmake with gmake. I’m making the change below to reflect gmake.

Supporting some Perl users recently with the need to install Perl CPAN modules (like “Tk” GUI Tool Kit) on Windows without direct access for perl cpan command to connect to any CPAN mirror servers (firewall or other connectivity issue).

In this case, it is still possible to install CPAN modules. Like Perl itself, “there is more than one way to do it” – this is one such way ;-).

  • Assuming the Windows system already has “Strawberry Perl” distribution (contains gcc, perl, ptar, gmake, and other dependencies to build and use CPAN modules).
  • Download the *.tar.gz package from CPAN and transfer to your target system (may require sneaker-net like burning a cd/dvd if lacking Internet connectivity).
  • Extract the bundle using ptar -zxf PKG-NAME.tar.gz or similar command within Strawberry Perl
  • cd into the extracted package directory
  • Build the package using standard commands – usually described in INSTALL file. Example typical for “Tk” module follows.
  • perl Makefile.PL
  • gmake
  • gmake test
  • gmake install
  • An optional test program will also be available after successful build with widget command.

Good luck with your offline Perl CPAN module Windows build and install tasks. Hopefully this quick Strawberry Perl note will prove useful to those without direct connectivity to CPAN. Another possible solution may be to provide a “Mini-CPAN” for local module distribution as recommended by @mfontani on How do I install … [perl] module (.tar.gz file) in Windows?


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One Response to Perl CPAN Modules Offline Windows Install

  1. Wes Peacock says:

    dmake is now deprecated by Strawberry perl.
    I had to use gmake instead

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