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Force DNS Lookup Over Windows VPN Connection

A common problem with Remote Access VPN connections is how to force DNS name resolution across the VPN tunnel. With Windows you will likely need to modify the Windows DNS Client behavior by changing the Network Interface Binding Order (older … Continue reading

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Get Rid of virbr0

In RHEL 7.x and CentOS 7.x you may see an odd extra network interface listed as “virbr0” (virtual bridge zero). This is provided as a default way to share the host physical network with private guest virtual machines. Unfortunately this … Continue reading

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Update 1 Nov 2017. Added Non-interactive examples for documenting or scripting test and verification nslookup commands. Non-Interactive nslookup examples (for scripting, documentation, and quality testing). nslookup -type=CNAME sample.fqdn.com some.dns.server type can be any valid DNS record type (AAAA, A, PTR, … Continue reading

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