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Active Directory Time Synchronization

Proper time synchronization in a Windows Active Directory Domain is critical for proper operation of the core Kerberos authentication protocol. It is also essential for accurate event log entries. Within a domain, all domain controllers will automatically function as time … Continue reading

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Network Diagrams the Cisco Way

Looking for a great network diagram tool? I recommend the open source Dia program. It comes with built-in shapes for popular Cisco devices (same icons you see in most Cisco books). There are many other useful built-in icons and shapes … Continue reading

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Android Platform Versions

Of interest to mobile developers and users, Google keeps a running statistics page to track usage / market share of Android platform versions. Check out the page at Note: these statistics are based on devices that use the Google Play … Continue reading

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Vmware vSphere Back-End Database

Install of vCenter / vSphere 5.1 Single Sign-On (SSO) service says it will detect a pre-installed SQL 2008 R2 Express install, but it has not been correctly detecting for us. Maybe it is expecting a named instance of “SQLEXPRESS” and … Continue reading

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