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Cisco Access Point Mounting

Cisco Access Points usually ship with mounting hardware for a recessed ceiling (drop ceiling with recessed tiles). Detailed mounting instructions are posted at A direct quote about Cisco recommended mounting: “Access points with integrated antennas perform best when the access … Continue reading

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Priming Cisco Access Points for Controller

New Cisco access points need to join a controller to function. If the controller is on a different subnet from the access point, you can “prime” the controller IP for it to join the first time. Connect with a serial … Continue reading

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Cisco Wireless LAN Controller

Business wireless access can be better managed by a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) and associated access points (AP’s). An entry-level controller, the 2504, is available for a reasonable price. Pair with the 3502i or 2602i access points for basic … Continue reading

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VNC on CentOS and RHEL 6

UPDATE March 11 2016, the “About VNC” and “VNC Connectivity for System Users” should still apply fairly well to RHEL 7/CentOS 7, but the “VNC Management for Systems Administrators” section is applicable ONLY TO RHEL/CentOS 6.x. Please view my newer … Continue reading

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In the past, I’ve used the Cisco SDM (Security Device Manager) GUI to build sample router configurations in a lab setting. Some complex tasks like IPSec VPN tunnels and ACL’s to limit management access are made easy. The IOS commands … Continue reading

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Data Center Power

Notes from server-room power design and build-out. A random brain-dump to try to remember some of this. Computer and IT equipment can draw a lot of power. For mid-size server rooms and data center spaces, we can use 208v AC … Continue reading

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