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Dell OMSA 8.1 on RHEL 7

UPDATE 23 Feb 2016, the issue with OMSA 7.1/RHEL 7.1 appears to have been resolved with RHEL 7.2 and OMSA 8.2. Make sure to reboot after the latest updates have been installed and the OMSA storage management functionality should be … Continue reading

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Policy Based Routing on Cisco ASA

One feature I’ve been wanting on the Cisco ASA has finally been added in software release 9.4.x, Policy Based Routing (PBR). This allows traffic to be sent to different ISP connections based on your desired match criteria (specific source network, … Continue reading

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Permanently Remove Files in Subversion or Git Repository

Version Control Systems such as Subversion or GIT are designed to maintain a historical record of source code files along with associated comments and metadata (tagged revisions, etc). While this “remember everything” or “total recall” capability is useful, there may … Continue reading

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Notepad++ Line Sort Feature

If you use Windows and you need a powerful programmers editor, you should take a look at the popular Notepad++ (NPP) program. One of my favorite features was the built-in line sorting that went missing in recent releases due to … Continue reading

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Hyper-V 2012 R2 Notes

The Hyper-V server role and associated management tools that ship with Windows Server 2012 R2 introduce some compelling new features in addition to the existing functionality from previous releases. Here are some notes so I can remember. Enhanced Sessions – … Continue reading

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