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Windows netstat to View Listening Server Processes

Here’s the problem: you’re a Windows system administrator and you want to know what process is listening for connections on a specific port. My first recommendation is to use the built-in netstat command-line tool to view a listing of all … Continue reading

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Chip and Pin USA EMV Liability Shift

Chip and Pin credit and debit cards have been improving payment card security in many developed countries worldwide, but this modern proven fraud deterrent has not yet been implemented in the USA. The standard chip-and-pin technology is also known as EMV … Continue reading

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Respectfully Request to Be Unlisted with robots.txt

Web search engines by default will crawl (like a “spider”) over all visible and interesting sites to build a comprehensive and hopefully useful search index. If you have a site that you would like excluded from these public search indexes, … Continue reading

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Convert Apache Httpd SSL Certificate for Tomcat

This document may be helpful if you need to convert an existing Apache Httpd SSL certificate to the Java Key-Store (JKS) format used by default in Apache Tomcat. This example is specific to trusted certificates issued by GoDaddy, but the … Continue reading

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Extract Individual Files with Tar

Tar is the common tool of choice for creating or extracting file and folder archives on Unix and Linux systems. The most common use cases involve archiving or extracting entire directory trees. If you would like to extract individual file(s) … Continue reading

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Btrfs Linux Filesystem Comes of Age

The futuristic next-generation Linux filesystem Btrfs is quickly approaching maturity and Linux system administrators will be seeing it featured more prominently in popular distributions soon. Btrfs has an advanced feature set similar to Oracle/Sun ZFS. It manages logical volumes and … Continue reading

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